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Haikus Poems

Haiku poems offer a moment's reflection, captured in the concise form revered for its simplicity and depth. Originating from the serene landscapes of Japan, the haiku travels through cultures, each adapting the seventeen-syllable format to their own linguistic rhythms. In English, the haiku embraces this brief structured beat to evoke imagery and emotion, often reflecting nature's ephemeral beauty. This collection gathers a mosaic of haiku poems, each a breath of narrative artistry, inviting readers to pause and appreciate the pared-down eloquence in compact verses.
Rose Love Stars
Stars, love, and the timeless beauty of a rose harmoniously weave through the fabric of these haikus, reflecting the profound connection between nature's elegance and the depth of human emotion. Each verse unfolds like a delicate petal, revealing layers of meaning within the simplicity of its form. The celestial imagery and poignant intimacy invite readers on a journey through moments of serenity under the night sky, where love is both shielded and magnified by the universal dance of the stars. These haikus serve as a testament to our inherent desire to find beauty in our surroundings and within each other.

by William Somero (1967)

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