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Sonnets are a poetic form distinguished by their 14-line structure and strict rhyme scheme. Originating in Italy during the Renaissance period, sonnets became popularized in English literature through Shakespeare's iconic works. These poems use intricate wordplay and clever rhymes to convey complex emotions, often exploring themes of love, mortality, and beauty. While the traditional sonnet adheres to a strict form, modern poets have adapted and experimented with this structure, resulting in diverse interpretations that continue to captivate readers. This anthology showcases a range of sonnets from classic Shakespearean pieces to contemporary variations, each showcasing the enduring power of this poetic form.
Dog Walk In Rain
Rainy days often bring a sense of gloom and lethargy, but for dog owners, they can be a source of unexpected joy. In this poem, we follow the speaker on a walk with their canine companion through the rain. As they navigate puddles and revel in nature's symphony, the bond between human and dog is strengthened. Despite the wetness and cold, the pair find a sense of peace and deep connection in their simple act of walking together.

by William Somero (1967)

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Cupid Fell Asleep
In the sonnet Cupid Laid By His Brand, And Fell Asleep, William Shakespeare weaves a tale that blends classical mythology with the complexity of love. He imagines Cupid, the god of desire, inadvertently empowering a simple fountain with his fiery force, creating a legendary healing bath. Yet, the speaker finds that this mythic remedy is no match for the ailment brought on by his mistress's gaze. With vivid imagery and clever turns of phrase, Shakespeare explores the paradox of love's power to both inflict and cure our deepest wounds.

by William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616)

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